Prof. G.C. Nandi
Prof. G.C. Nandi
(Dean,Head of Department)
Area of Interest :Soft computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Industrial automation, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Computer Controlled Systems, Humanoid robots, Machine vision and processing.

Message :

I am Prof G C Nandi. Currently, I'm Dean (Acad.) of the premier Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. It is a wonderful experience for me to interact with such talented young minds. I teach them various subjects and learn many things from them! I like to create robots which will interact with us intelligently like humans. I have developed a Robotics laboratory which is considered to be one of the best in our country.
Message cont'd : We have recently developed a technology for AMAL (Adaptive Modular Active Leg), which is controlled by Biologically Inspired CPG (Central Pattern Generator). It can give maximum comfort to an amputee with minimum cost (approximately US $ 260 as on Sept., 2012).

I dream one day every household will have a Personal Robot. It will help us in everyday household cleaning, dish washing and doing other dirty jobs. Also it will share emotions with us, give us company in old age and take care of our health when our near and dear ones will be away from us in their professional lives. Other significant mission of our research is to develop technology with the help of knowledge of robotics which can help differently abled persons to live a normal life. For me robotics is a framework where we can develop many new and sophisticated technologies and test them for their real life implementation.

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