ABOUT Workshop

What We Do

Mission Planning

Learn how multiple robots team up and solve complex problems using Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Application of Machine Intelligence in Robotics

The robots make complex decisions using some naive sensors. Learn the art that interprets and makes decisions from these sensory percet.

Humanoid Robotics

Play hands-on and in theory with the most complex but elegant robots, the humanoids. Learn how they balance, move, see and operate.

Big Data in Robotics

Modern robots use a wide variety of sensors that capture a lot of data in real time. Learn the art of processing such a big repository of data.

Who Can Participate

B.Tech/M.Tech and Ph.D scholars having good analytical skill. Suitable for students to get motivated into robotics and get a feel of the different areas of work in robotics.


Suited for faculty to expand their horizon in robotics and also to start new robotics courses in the parent university


The workshop discusses major issues of machine intelligence in robotics and is ideal to know the available technologies and research areas.